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Thursday, September 07, 2006
Annoyance at D3

I found out about a week ago that a site was taking some of the content from Digital Devil Database. Not the entire thing, mind you, but rather the really large preview I wrote for Persona 3. The site is, which I really don't feel like giving the link to.

Initially this was very frustrating and I wasn't sure what to think. The site had absolutely no contact information of any sort on it, so I did a whois search and found an e-mail there. So I contacted the guy and nicely explained that I found this site, it's using my content, etc.

I told him I wouldn't mind if it was paraphrasing what I wrote or if it made the fact that I wrote all of this more obvious. On the "Persona 3 Information" page, I was linked to way at the bottom. It didn't, however, explain why his index page was also word-for-word my content. This was the more annoying of the two pages.

Now, admittedly, I didn't come up with all of the content on that page myself. I used various sources. I did, however, ask the sources when it was necessary, combined all the information for a bigger picture and rewrote it entirely in my own words. I also expanded upon it with my own ideas, thoughts and so forth. Any place I utilized was credited. It's of such a nature that if I didn't credit anyone you probably would have no idea that I didn't form all of the ideas myself.

His response to me was simply that he wasn't familiar with my site as he doesn't actually do the content. He would have to speak to his content manager.

Fine enough, I figured. This sets off little buzzers in any one's mind because, really, who can you even trust on the internet? I have no idea if this guy did the content and if he even planned on adjusting it.

So I wait a few days. I e-mail him asking if any work had been completed on this. I also said that I would hate to report this site to Google or your host since I know this could affect my search engine rankings.

Personally, I was more concerned with the fact that he took my work, but I stuck the engine thing in there anyway.

I waited a few more days.

His response said not to insult him. That I don't know much about SEM because duplicate content only affects the site that took it, not the originating one. He finished with saying he didn't want my "little threats".

My response was semi-apologetic, but also fueled with this idea: he's trying to act like I was the one that was in the wrong. I don't really think so.

So I pointed out, hey, I might be wrong about the ranking stuff (which I knew I was, it's based upon page age in Google at least... but if it remains he could still get rankings from MY material), but I'm sure not wrong in the fact that you took my material. Engines (such as Google) and his host could still be informed and the consequences would be the same: your site would be removed. Trust me, if I cared a lot about strictly my ranking I think I would have tried to push the site up to page one for "Persona 3" a long time ago.

I also brought up the fact that it's really not my problem that he wasn't aware. This is really just a cop out. If some contributor to a magazine steals material, wouldn't the editor and publisher also get flak for it?

I did apologize for sounding hostile, but I have to wonder how he would feel if something he worked quite some time on showed up on a completely ad based site. I mentioned that I personally feel it's insulting that my content would be taken for a site of this nature in the first place.

And this is what it really comes down to. If this was another fansite I would be a lot more easy going about it. I'd be pretty easy going about it if I was asked if he could use it. I'd be easy going about it if all they took from me was the information page where they link to my site at the end. Unfortunately, none of that happened.

It's a site where some random guy saw 50+ people a day are searching "Persona 3" in Overture (and likely even more in Google), so he jumped on it. Because his domain name is "Persona3" he basically instantly ranked for "Persona 3" as a term since Google, etc also look at that.

I mean, if you have a website where no one involved is able to even write even a basic preview on their own for its only topic, then I have to wonder how bad I should feel. It's designed simply to squat on the ad revenue and, likely, to try and push Atlus to buy it later. Although they could easily say "Hey, this is our copyright!", take the URL and go.

So in the e-mail, and here as well, the main idea is that I simply am frustrated that my content was taken and I want something done about it. I don't think this should take over a week for the guy to accomplish, while meanwhile he's bringing in money with my work.

In any case, I blocked his address garage lighting because I don't really care about what he personally says anymore. I'm going to give electric bike pianist in new york city him another couple of weeks to remove or change the material and if not, then hello Digital Copyright Act. I'm not running an article database here

This has kind of been thrown out the window since I noticed his site now brings up a blank page. I don't know when this happened, but some time since yesterday. Either after replying to me last night or after I replied to him this morning. It's kind of funny.

Personally, I almost feel like buying any related domains so other people cannot do this shit. And if Atlus wants them, they can have them.

These people really just disgust me. Visit for another example. As mentioned, Atlus owns the copyright to this name. I am not sure why anyone would expect the copyright owner to pay for something obviously being squatted on for money.

Sigh, the internet.

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006
Looking for people to run and contribute to a Nintendo fansite: Koopa Cabana

Today's topic is Koopa Cabana. My interest in this was largely because I thought the domain name was cool. I figured it could be a Nintendo news site, but really anything to that effect would obviously fit.

Here's the thing. I have no real interest in being the houston carpet cleaning person running the site. I can act as the webmaster and add things, fix things, etc. However, I'd much prefer someone else was actually in charge of the content side of things.

If you're interested carpet cleaning dallas tx in this, please let me know right away. I'm wanting to get this up and going as soon as possible so it wasn't a total waste.

The site uses a content management system, so it's easy to update. All media (screens, images) is handled through a manager make money on ebay within that that's rather easy to use. At this stage, all that remains is finalizing a basic layout, doing a banner for the site and adding authors.

This is for people serious into doing this. If you ever thought you Free itunes gift card codes could do a Nintendo site better than some other idiot out there then basically this is your chance.

The reward for it is really oak dining tables dependant on how big you're able to make it. I'm more than willing to help get it out there some. Having a lot of visitors is a nice feeling, but there's also a chance of review copies of nearly any Nintendo related game you can think of if it does reasonably well. Then there's the potential advertisement revenue that I'm more than willing to split up depending on work load. By comparison, a rather niche site such as Digital Devil Database has managed to pull in over $5 in a day. It's not a lot, but for something I'd normally get nothing for it's certainly dallas carpet cleaning nice. Now imagine what a site as busy as potentially gets

So in any case, I know some people expressed interest. If you're serious about this, comment here or contact me in some other way. I'd like to get this going in the next best penny stocks two days, no bullshitting.

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Guitar Hero is an awesome game. Any one that comes over and plays it seems to enjoy it. Regardless of whether or not they like video games. I know some people are like "I know how to play guitar, so who cares!?", but I don't think that really even makes too much sense. People who know how to dance play DDR. It's not entirely the same concept. I've played with people who know guitar and it doesn't make terribly much difference.

In any case, Guitar Hero 2 is coming out soon. I'm guessing you can buy the game alone, but so far I've only seen shots of the pack including a second guitar. It doesn't do me much good since I already have one.

There's supposed to be something like 50 new free instagram followers songs in the game. Not all have been revealed, but a few more were put up on the internet today since they're in EGM:

* Nirvana: "Heart-Shaped Box"
* Primus: "John the Fisherman"
* Stone Temple Pilots: "Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart"
* Anthrax: "Madhouse"
* Motley Crue: "Shout at the Devil"
* The Police: "Message in a Bottle"
* The Pretenders: "Tattooed Love Boys"
* Spinal Tap: "Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight"
* Heart: "Crazy on You"
* Allman Brothers Band: "Jessica"
* Lynyrd Skynrd: "Freebird"
* Avenged Sevenfold: "Beast and the Harlot"
* Dick Dale: "Misirlou"
* Lamb of God: "Laid to Rest"
* Alice in Chains: "Them Bones"
* Reverend Horton Heat: "Psychobilly Freakout"
* Black Sabbath: "War Pigs"
* KISS: "Strutter"
* Butthole Surfers: "Who Was in My Room Last Night?"
* Van Halen "You Really Got Me"
* Guns N' Roses: "Sweet Child O'Mine"
* The Rolling Stones: "Can You Hear Me Knocking?"
* Rush: "YYZ"

There's some good stuff in here already. However, the announcement of a Spinal Tap song is extremely exciting. The first game had some references in it to that movie, so I'm glad to see one in here.

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